Join UFO Enthusiasts In Discussing Possible Alien Existence

by | Nov 13, 2017

UFOs are always interesting,
and there have been various cases when UFOs have been sighted by people as well as the scientific community. The recent sightings of 3 circular shapes around the International Space Stations have provoked new controversies and debates about the existence of aliens. There are many more sightings that provoke the discussions among UFO enthusiasts.

It is interesting to discuss the controversies because of there interesting arguments from both sides. On the one hand, there is a section of people who believe in the existence of aliens believe that the sighting of UFOs is an indication that they are trying to communicate with us. They strongly support ways to communicate back with them.

On the contrary, there is another section of people who do not believe that it is an indication of alien life but could be some undiscovered phenomenon happening in the universe. They believe that science still needs to find possible answers to the sightings which do not necessarily lie in confirming the existence of aliens.

With this blog, the aim is to promote discussions about UFOs, aliens and anything related to extraterrestrial intelligence. Therefore, it is a humble invitation to all of you to participate in the ongoing discussions and become a part of this small UFO enthusiast community.

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Despite this, we would still love to promote discussions on these very interesting topics so you can always use the comment section to voice your opinions. You can also write your interesting experiences if you have any.