Most Debated Theories About Extraterrestrials

by | Nov 15, 2017 | All Project Stats, Extraterrestials, Science

Extra Terrestrials have been a debated topic since time immemorial. Both sides have some interesting theories and experiences to prove their point. Scientists have experienced unusual and strange signals which could be taken as a sign of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. On the contrary, there are others who believe that this could just be a phenomenon that is not yet discovered by the scientific community. Nevertheless, following are some of the most debated theories about Extra Terrestrials:

The Arecibo Message

Dr. Frank Drake who was at Cornell University and made the Drake equation wrote the Arecibo message in 1974 with the help of Carl Sagan and others. The idea was to send a message to the extraterrestrial intelligence through the Arecibo Radio Telescope that was stationed in Puerto Rico. The message was sent in the form of Binary Strings. The message is seen as one of the biggest scientific advancements in the history of humanity. But there are many debates around it because the message would take 25,000 years to reach and then again 25,000 years to get a reply. So, it cannot be said that the recipients (if any) would understand the message and will be in a position to reply.

Small UFO Watchtower In Colorado’s Small Town Called Hooper

In this small town of Colorado, people have witnessed some strange sightings which are known to be UFOs. Incidentally, this town is situated right on top of the Bermuda triangle of the West.  This town has been witness to many strange phenomena like shooting stars, strange weather changes, etc. People expect that there would be soon a spacecraft of aliens landing in that area. But these are just speculations. It is an interesting town where people have their eyes glued to the sky to notice something unusual.


Mysterious Signals Received By SETI

SETI used a massive telescope in Puerto Rico to start the examination of 200 sections of the sky all over again wherever they had evidence of signals that had no scientific explanations. However, they did not notice any signals except for one which had become stronger than before. These signals came from a spot between two constellations – Pisces and Aries. Hence there were no other known stars or planets. There are controversial theories regarding this signal. Some believe that it is the frequency at which the aliens who want to show their existence, emit signals. While others believe, it is some signal that comes from a natural phenomenon which is not known by the scientists yet.

Unexplained WOW! Signals Detected By Ohio State University

The Ohio State University’s Big Ear radio telescope recorded some unusual radiations and signals from Sagittarius. The signal was as long as 37 seconds. Astronomer Jerry R Ehman observed this anomaly, and he was so impressed by it that he wrote WOW! on the computer print out. Since it was from the nearest star that is 220 million light-years away, there could have been two possibilities for the signal. First, a big astronomical event or an intelligent species with a powerful transmitter would have created it. There is still no explanation to theory, but it is also a controversial yet interesting scientific breakthrough.

So does it make you think about other life forms? Or are you the type who would discard these theories? No matter which side you take, it is something to ponder.

So does it make you think about other life forms? Or are you the type who would discard these theories? No matter which side you take, it is something to ponder.