Inside The Head Of Elon Musk – Is Space X Really An Outer Space Hope?

Inside The Head Of Elon Musk – Is Space X Really An Outer Space Hope?

Elon Musk is one of the most mysterious millionaires in the world. His fortune and his capacity to awe the world with it are uncanny; he´s got a taste for challenges and has now turned his attention towards the final frontier: outer space. Whenever I see him talking to media, I tend to think that he is convinced he can pull it off and take human life where it has never gone before. Read on as I try to get into his mind and tell you what are the odds with his space odyssey.

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Elon Musk Wants To Go To Mars

As if it was the sixties again, Elon Musk seems to be racing NASA to get to Mars before they do. His company, SpaceX has already successfully tried to put people outside of Earth in a private manner and it was the first time that happened in history. All previous missions were completely handled and financed by governments and although I don´t believe USA astronauts really stepped on the moon, the space station is a reality.

Musk is on a rush to attain interplanetary life through SpaceX

Musk, on his crusade is planning to make reusable rockets and making planetary travelling safe, private and possible. Watching an interview, he gave, he said that human kind is in the perfect moment to try to travel through the space because we have no limiting catastrophe on us right now. He stated that if the future is darker than the present (which is very likely), then human kind will have to focus on fixing that instead of looking up and try to conquer the space. This is why he is on a rush to attain interplanetary life through SpaceX.

The Real Chances Of Doing It

Although only time will tell if he can pull off what nobody before him could, I have faith that someone with his knowledge, financial backup and determination can achieve what governments full of bureaucracy, corruption and defects couldn´t. I mean, I was as excited as we all were with the images that the rover Opportunity sent to us in its endless stay on the Red Planet, but that is very far from putting actual people on the surface and even further from making it an inhabitable place.

As far as his sayings, it is hard not to be excited to be alive in this time and believe him, but on the other hand, no real progress has been shown so far.

Will we ever know if there is intelligent life in other planets? What NASA is saying about Mars, in the sense that it used to have water and be apt for life like Earth, gave me goose bumps. I hope we are coming close to a golden space age.


Choosing to be a believer or not makes a huge difference in this kind of topic. I choose to believe Elon Musk will take us to Mars, or at least, very close to it.

Websites Dedicated To Extraterrestrial Info

Websites Dedicated To Extraterrestrial Info

Websites Dedicated To Extraterrestrial Info

Extraterrestrial researchers believe that there is another form of life in the universe which is different from the humans on the earth. There are various theories about the extraterrestrial forms and life. Some believe that they are more advanced than humans while others believe that they could be just any other form of bacteria. The presence of extraterrestrial lives in the universe is a matter of immense debates, and there are constant researches and breakthroughs in the scientific community. It is sometimes hard to keep up with the latest events since a lot is happening in the field all the time. With the advancement in technology, scientists are getting better at deciphering certain phenomenon. Hence, if you want to be updated with the leap forward in this field, you can follow some of the websites that could serve very informative for you.

Websites dedicated to extraterrestrial information are great for the enthusiasts like you. These websites provide with complete information about the latest research and breakthroughs in the field. Some of those websites are:


Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) is a website from the SETI Institute that is dedicated to finding information about extraterrestrial breakthroughs. The mission of the institute is to dig deeper into the understanding of the nature and origin of life in the universe. They aim to use this knowledge to guide and understand if there could be other life forms like ours in the universe. The website is regularly updated with the advancements and innovations in the field. The main aim is to share knowledge and collaborate with the scientific community, people, media and the government.  You can regularly visit this website to keep yourself updated with all the latest updates in this field.


Another interesting website to keep you updated with the latest happenings in the extraterrestrial world is It is a one-stop website for all the happenings in space and also holds a section called “search for life” where it exclusively discusses all the happenings and new ideas in the search for extraterrestrial life. You can find some stunning photos of the galaxy as well as all the news about rocket launches and new space experiments. You just need to visit this website once in a while, and you will get all the news and updates within minutes. You can also subscribe to its newsletter to get regular updates on your email, so you don’t miss out on any important innovation. It is a great resource for all you enthusiasts.

MUFON.COM has the mission to carry out an in-depth investigation of all UFO sightings and make sure no unusual phenomenon go unnoticed. Moreover, it aims at promoting research and funding on UFOs and keeps the public well informed of all the latest happenings. You can join as a member by paying a little amount, and in return, you get access to their e-Journals and all the latest updates. You have an option to choose from various types of membership. You can even volunteer with them if you want to enhance your understanding or get a first-hand experience in the field. It is a platform that believes in promoting more research and including more and more people in the quest to find other life forms in the universe. You can visit this website, and you will not be disappointed.


NASA is a website that you need to visit as an enthusiast of extraterrestrial life forms. It is no surprise that you will get live updates on their findings and research. You can even find some interesting thought-provoking photos on their website. Being a regular visitor of this website will help you keep up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the realm of the space.

You can bookmark the websites mentioned above to keep yourself updated. Of course, if you are a regular visitor of my blog, you will get all the latest news along with some thought-provoking discussions with a community of highly enthusiastic people. With this blog, I aim to bring all the available information to one platform in a lucid manner. A highly motivated community in this blog also makes it special because it is always open to debates and discussions. I hope to make your quest for extraterrestrial research more interesting.