Are There Extraterrestrial Life Forms?

by | Jan 6, 2018 | All Project Stats, Extraterrestials, Science

“Are there extraterrestrial life forms?” is a question that not only the scientific community but also many extraterrestrial enthusiasts have pondered upon since a very long time. Many researchers from SETI and NASA believe that life could have existed in billions of planets. There are many controversial debates and theories, but there has been no concrete evidence of the presence of extraterrestrial life forms. However, interestingly, the scientific community has not been able to discard it either completely. Therefore, it is an interesting question that our generation and our forefathers have been trying to answer.

However, with great scientific advancements happening every single day, the chances of getting more concrete evidence is higher than ever now. There are two sides to this question. You can read more about the new advancements to keep yourself informed.

In this blog, I will discuss both the sides as well as the neutral standpoint and leave you to take a stand or begin your research from a new standpoint.

The Positive Standpoint

There is one section of people who are very positive about the extraterrestrial life forms in the universe and strongly believe that they exist. Within this community, there are again some divisions among people who believe that they are more superior and advanced to us while others believe that they can be any form of bacteria. No matter what, they believe that some form of life apart from the one that we have on earth must exist in the wide universe.

The Negative Standpoint

On the other hand, there is a section of people completely discard the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. According to them, these are all conspiracy theories, and the radiations or the unusual electromagnetic waves are a result of a certain phenomenon or changes in the celestial bodies or planetary movements. They believe that if aliens existed, they would have done something to show their existence. It is not normal to be quiet for so long. They completely discard all the theories and say that it is none of our business to start a quest for something that we are not even sure would exist. They think that it is wastage of time and energy to research on extraterrestrial intelligence.

The Neutral Standpoint

The neutral standpoint believes in waiting for the final verdict. It is possible that the aliens could be millions of light years away and therefore we have not received their messages yet. With Arecibo message, scientists tried to talk to them but the expected time to receive their message is not up yet. So we cannot completely give up hopes. Hence they don’t align themselves either with the positive standpoint or the negative one.

Final Verdict

There can be no final verdict as of now because it is an ongoing debate. Many questions have not been answered in the extraterrestrial realms like the spotting of UFOs or the “WOW!” signal or many other signals that are recorded by NASA since decades. It is possible that some of the signals could be a result of some other astronomical phenomenon, but it is not certain yet. Hence, it would be wrong to discard the theory that extraterrestrial life forms exist completely. At present, it would only be logical to keep all the avenues open for debates and discussions without necessarily concluding. We are living in an interesting time with discoveries every single day. So, maybe we are not very far from finding out the truth about aliens.