Alien Existence Vs. NASA (Classified Information)

by | Feb 2, 2018 | All Project Stats, NASA, Science, UFO

Do Aliens Exist? It has been an ongoing controversy and the reason for many debates. However, two events have revealed some new aspects in the Alien Existence Vs. NASA because of what “Anonymous” said. Apparently, the hackers broke into NASA’s database and found some classified information. After this, social media was flooded with news about NASA’s announcement regarding their discovery of the existence of extraterrestrial life. It was supposed to be classified information that was out in the public arena.

This is what many people believe aliens look like, but they may not look so exciting in reality.

Anonymous Hacktivist Group 

However, it is a controversial piece of news because it was revealed later that the announcement was not made by NASA but by the collective Anonymous. The YouTube page of the Anonymous also had videos saying things like “According to NASA, other planets have hosted aliens or other forms of intelligent lives long before Earth.”

According to the Hacktivists, NASA is very close to announcing that they have discovered alien life. They have based these claims on evidence like statement given by Thomas Zurbuchen who is the associate administrator in the board of Scientific Mission of NASA said that they are about to make the biggest discoveries in the history of humanity. He also mentioned about some of the recent breakthroughs in astrobiology that includes finding Hydrogen on Saturn’s Enceladus moon, and geyser’s on Europa’s Jupiter satellite, etc. These are some of the advances that could lead to discovering extraterrestrial intelligence or aliens.

However, NASA made the announcements that said that clarified that there are no reports or evidence about extraterrestrial life that are pending from their end. They stated that we are alone in the universe and that there are no clear indications or advances to prove the contrary.

However, the Anonymous group is very assertive about the NASA’s knowledge of the extraterrestrial life. It is possible that their claims are exaggerated, but the evidence and the excerpts of statements and speeches that they highlight from NASA’s officials could be worth pondering. The discovery of new planets and the possibility of water in some of them is also great evidence in this regard.

It is also a possibility that the aliens are so advanced that they don’t even need water. Who knows? There could be endless possibilities or theories that prove the existence of aliens and the contrary. But the statements published by the Anonymous are also interesting. Even though it may seem a little exaggerated, it would be worth thinking about it.

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Could there be some advancements and NASA doesn’t want to disclose it yet? Is there a possibility that they are waiting for some more evidence before they can make an official statement? Whatever be the case, I will keep you up-to-date with all the latest news on alien theory. Maybe they exist, or maybe they don’t? But until we are sure about it, we can keep speculating and keep looking for answers.