About Us

SETI@Home or Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence is dedicated to finding galaxy civilizations of life in other parts of the universe. I have been an astute follower of their findings and research. As a child, I always read science fiction books, and it always intrigued me how there could be other life forms in the universe. I always imagined someone more superior or advanced than me. I wondered if we ever met each other, would we ever be able to communicate or would they speak a different language. This interest took me to a new land of fantasy, and I started imagining a life outside of our earth. Some movies like extraterrestrial also had an immense impact on my thought process and convinced me to find out more and more about it.

That is how I thought about starting this blog so that I can gather more likeminded people together and initiate discussions about some of the most controversial theories regarding the presence of extraterrestrial life forms. I always found it very hard to find people who would be interested enough to have a prolonged discussion with me. I don’t want any of you to have a similar problem, so this blog is the right avenue for you to start such discussions. Moreover, it will also give you information about forums, discussion groups, websites and other interesting things related to extraterrestrial intelligence.


The main mission behind the blog is to share my passion and camaraderie with the enthusiasts of extraterrestrial life forms. Since I have always found time to read about the latest and ongoing research on the topic, I thought it would be great to share it with the wider community too. With that mission in mind, I present my blog to everyone who is interested in joining my quest to find more about the topic.



My vision behind this blog is to be able to bring share information about some of the findings of extraterrestrial life forms. I visualize it as a platform where the collaboration of knowledge about the subject matter is easy. I know that I had many questions about the topic, but I did not exactly know where to discuss it or where to find forums to discuss my doubts or my theories.

Therefore, I want to keep this blog completely approachable to anyone who is interested in the topic. You are free to put your opinion because the discussion is the only thing that opens wider avenues of learning. Once we are ready to listen to opinions that are contrary to ours, is the moment we are ready to increase our knowledge and move towards becoming more learned.

The Future

We all know that research about SETI is ongoing and with advancement in technology and breakthrough in the scientific community, we are coming closer to finding out more about extraterrestrial life forms. Therefore, it is a good time to build a strong community where we are updating each other on the progress so that we don’t miss out on an important update.