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I started imagining a life outside of our earth. Some movies like extraterrestrial also had an immense impact on my thought process and convinced me to find out more and more about it.

Join UFO Enthusiasts In Discussing Possible Alien Existence

UFOs are always interesting, and there have been various cases when UFOs have been sighted by people as well as the scientific community. The recent sightingsof 3 circular shapes around the International Space Stations have provoked new controversies and debates about the existence of aliens.

A Conjecture In Mathematics Named After Lothar Collatz

Collatz Conjecture is a speculation or conjecture that is named after Lothar Collatz. He proposed it in 1937. It is a mathematic conjecture that is not supported by substantial evidence. It is an equation or a statement of the problem that starts with a positive integer n.

Brother Crush

Brother Crush – the series that’s going to torn your understanding of step family life apart. What we are talking about you might think? Well, this is the fantasy series of step brothers developing the real creepy, taboo and forbidden crush on each other. Where does it take them? Good question!

Girlfriends Films

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Gaycest - Original Series

Gaycest – the series of 2020 that’s going to revolutionize the adult entertainment aimed at men. Take a look yourself at what happen when step family members are home alone and ready to turn into taboo side of relationships.

Mom Is Horny

Mom Is Horny – adventures of needy moms. Watch them engage in serious actions with young bucks who are completely clueless who’s the leader. Bang Bros seal of approval so expect the very best of fantasies and actors!


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Ass Parade

Ass Parade – the paradise of all colors of phat butts. Watch the hottest women in industry showing off their assets. Run by Bangbros you are in for years of updates with the thickest butt content!

Public Agent

Public Agent – the world of street deals made the right way. Watch our guys cruise on European streets looking for girls willing to become stars. Kind of. Some money flashing, some convincing and you have another sucessful hunt.

Icon Male - GayIcony.com

Icon Male – Mile High Media brings you the most complete taboo gay fantasies ever presented online. All those real-life situations that made you question your desire – watch them happening, right in front of your eyes.

Sweetheart Video

Sweetheart Video – explore the world of pink love. The very special way of lovemaking where only women are present. Watch them please their inner needs using other women for help. This Mile High Media exclusive is about to show you what sapphic love really is.

Inside The Head Of Elon Musk – Is Space X Really An Outer Space Hope?

Elon Musk is one of the most mysterious millionaires in the world. His fortune and his capacity to awe the world with it are uncanny; he´s got a taste for challenges and has now turned his attention towards the final frontier: outer space. Whenever I see him talking...

The Numerical Solution Of Differential Equations

Statistics is an important branch in academics and it is a lot more than graphs and curves. This field is supplemented by a set of OEDs or Ordinary Differential Equations for the layman’s head. Over the years, many mathematicians and statisticians have worked out...

Alien Existence Vs. NASA (Classified Information)

Do Aliens Exist? It has been an ongoing controversy and the reason for many debates. However, two events have revealed some new aspects in the Alien Existence Vs. NASA because of what “Anonymous” said. Apparently, the hackers broke into NASA’s database and found some...

10 Things Scientists Can’t Explain About UFOs

UFOs have always been a great mystery since the ancient times. From Prehistoric cave paintings to ancient texts mentioning about some "fire in the sky," various sources always talked about unusually shaped and strangely flying contraptions in the air. They appear out...

Are There Extraterrestrial Life Forms?

“Are there extraterrestrial life forms?” is a question that not only the scientific community but also many extraterrestrial enthusiasts have pondered upon since a very long time. Many researchers from SETI and NASA believe that life could have existed in billions of...

Websites Dedicated To Extraterrestrial Info

Extraterrestrial researchers believe that there is another form of life in the universe which is different from the humans on the earth. There are various theories about the extraterrestrial forms and life. Some believe that they are more advanced than humans while...

Extraterrestrial Intelligence And Modern Scientific Discoveries

The Arecibo signal is one of the most remarkable scientific leaps taken by humanity in its attempt to establish contact with aliens. The radio signals pack up basic information about humanity inside it such as prime elements found on the planet, our Solar System and...

Explore Life Beyond Earth

So far, humanity has not been able to discover any life form or any habitable planet so far. While there have been many UFO sightings as well cases of alleged abductions by aliens, we still haven't been able to establish a solidly full-fledged and real contact with...

Most Debated Theories About Extraterrestrials

Extra Terrestrials have been a debated topic since time immemorial. Both sides have some interesting theories and experiences to prove their point. Scientists have experienced unusual and strange signals which could be taken as a sign of the existence of...

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