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Detailed team statistics - "AMD Users"
Project Hydrogen@home     Last updated: 1636 days, 13:28:39 ago To combined statistics
Country International
Name AMD Users
Link http://amdusers.com
Total credits 102,108.50
Credits today 102,108.50
% of total project credit 1.72788%
Position based on total credit 9 out of 445
More credits than % of all teams 98.20225%
% of total country credit 27.00476%
First seen on June 25, 2007, 2:00 pm
Founder vaughan
Global Team id (for data export) 119584
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Recent average credit
Recent average credit 0.00
% of total average credit 0.50932%
% of total country average credit 0.00000%
Position based on average credit 18 out of 445
More RAC than % of all teams 96.17978%
Teammembers 22 (List all)
% of total project users 0.71014%
Position based on number of team members 19 out of 445
More members than % of all teams 95.95506%
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The AMD Users team is a team for users of AMD processors. This doesn't mean that you have to have all AMD machines, but ethically you should have at least one. Of course you can still join us, because in the end all this is for a good cause.
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