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Detailed team statistics - "Team 2ch"
Project Climateprediction.net     Last updated: 10:07:17 ago To combined statistics
Country Japan
Name Team 2ch
Link http://
Total credits 61,333,294.71
Credits today 61,333,294.71
% of total project credit 0.26847%
Position based on total credit 32 out of 7,802
More credits than % of all teams 99.60267%
% of total country credit 22.80184%
First seen on November 1, 2004, 6:43 am
Global Team id (for data export) 120032
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Recent average credit
Recent average credit 5,044.90
% of total average credit 0.10964%
% of total country average credit 100.00000%
Position based on average credit 74 out of 7,802
More RAC than % of all teams 99.06434%
Teammembers 411 (List all)
% of total project users 0.14705%
Position based on number of team members 23 out of 7,802
More members than % of all teams 99.71802%
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